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Traveling to Africa can seem formidable, especially for the first time. Being accompanied by a safari guide means you can forget the stress of flight times, and the practical details of travel, and focus on all the things you would usually miss in the flurry of things. With their intimate knowledge of destination dos and don’ts, you are assured of being in the safest hands, from your arrival to your departure.

A typical safaris has you moving from camp to camp with a different local guide at each stop along the way. Another HUGE reason for a private guide ensures cohesive learning and wildlife updates based on your shared experiences in each destination

WHY Travel’s hand picked panel of safari guides and hosts are arguably the most important part of a safari experience. They are storytellers, explorers, conservationists, botanists, food and wine connoisseurs, history enthusiasts, and curators of once-in-a-lifetime adventures. If you have a great guide/host, you’re guaranteed to experience Africa in one of the most exclusive ways.